Why Choose Island Virtual?

With so many digital marketing and SEO companies, it can be a confusing process to find a solution to fit your needs. Island Virtual has been around since 2005, but owner/operator Sean Robinson has been marketing companies online since 2000. We have been a referral based company since the beginning. Projects include small startups with limited scope and budget to large scale B2B enterprise level companies – everything from AdWords PPC campaigns, to local marketing, to global domination of key
segments within B2B, with a particular expertise in industrial B2B [supply chain, automation, tech, etc.]

Measurable Experience – online and in person

  • 14+ years successfully marketing in various venues – online, tradeshows, advertising, and more.
  • 15+ years direct selling – a full understanding of both sides of the value proposition: the one providing, and the one receiving. We will help you define and refine what you bring to the table.
  • Tens of MILLIONS in B2B sales related directly to inbound marketing
  • Lead generation to closed deals
  • Solution and value based selling
  • Personal selling from warm inbound lead generation
  • Team selling in solution and value based selling
  • Expertise in other key areas: B2C, local, and startup marketing there are times things must be done on a shoestring. We can typically work with any realistic budget to help start the process, gain return,
    and build up to larger scale programs.


Emancipation Stories


The name is rather simple. we are island based and have resources and expertise in virtually ‘anything’ marketing. In reality we have customers around the world, local and foreign partners, and will help you identify and leverage your online sweet spot.

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