WordPress Development Services

We build WordPress plugins and customized WordPress development solutions to take your web applications from the drawing board to the customer in the least possible timeframe while upholding rigorous quality standards.

Plugin Development

We specialize in creating WordPress plugin solutions for all your needs.

Theme Customization

We help you choose, customize and build great user experiences using the optimal WordPress Theme.

API Programming

Our API Integration and Programming offering provides a complete solution to help you take care of your business integration needs.

User Experience Design

We help create fluidic and efficient web experiences for growing your online business.

Payment Gateways

We are experts in handling and integrating a host of Payment Gateway Providers for all your online payment processing needs.


We build and shape complete eCommerce solutions using WordPress.


The name is rather simple. we are island based and have resources and expertise in virtually ‘anything’ marketing. In reality we have customers around the world, local and foreign partners, and will help you identify and leverage your online sweet spot.

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